first gold partner in south africa AdNotes has full rights to resell all Ruijie Networks
family products like Enternet Switches, Routers,
Security, Wireless and Softwares.
LEARN MORE We believe that Internet plays a crucial role in
education assisting teachers and students by bringing a world of
knowledge to the innovators of tomorrow.
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Tired of a slow connection? Get affordable internet from reliable internet services. We provide wireless anywhere in KZN, Durban Townships even in remotely located areas such as rural areas.

Wireless Internet Solution

We provide affordable wireless internet solutions for homes, the public and businesses even in disadvantaged vicinities.

Fibre Internet Solution

Get fast and reliable fibre for home and business at an affordable prices and say goodby to slow internet.

Unlimited streaming & uninterrupted Remote Work

Enjoy unlimited streaming of your choice and ultimate remote work anytime

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We have certified technicians that provide high quality service to value customers’ trust. All our team members have been trained to install networks using the latest technologies.


We understand the importance of connectivity nowadays that is why we provide high quality internet at an affordable price to value our customer’s money.


AdNotes is fully licensed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and certified by the Film and Publication Board (FPB) to operate and provide Internet services in South Africa.

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