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Adnotes Code of Conduct

1. CREDENTIALS 1.1 Adnotes is a licensed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) – the State institution that issues licences). 1.2 We are a member of the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) (an association that regulates service providers and protects consumers). 1.3 We fully comply with all laws including the Electronic Communications and Transactions […]

Bridging the Gender Gap in the ICT Industry

Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. Therefore, it is important to commemorate and celebrate those who have set the bar for people within the industry, more specifically, the women within the ICT industry.   Upon writing this blog, I obviously […]

Why Fibre Optics is Relevant

With everything becoming more and more digitized, efficiency is very important. In one of the previous blog posts, we discussed the difference between fibre optics and ADSL and through this we saw the significance in fibre has in making our lives easier. Before analysing the importance of fibre optic cables, it is best that you […]

Fibre Optics Installation Process

The installation will involve running the fibre cable from the fibre box on your boundary wall into your home. The installer will need to drill a small hole through your boundary wall where the fibre box is situated and feed the fibre cable through your home to a device in your house called the CPE […]

The Usage of Biometric Systems

The practical use of biometric systems is growing rapidly based on the fact that personal identification is becoming more and more vital. Before we dive into where we can utilize them it is important to understand what biometric systems are. Biometrics is the science of analysing physical or behavioural characteristics specific to each individual in […]

CCTV’s in Combating Crime

  Major General Norman Sekhukhune, Head of Police Crime Research and Statistics revealed that there has been an increase of 6.9% in South Africa’s crime rate from the previous year which means that 1320 more people were murdered. It is unfortunate that a person could possibly become a crime statistic. Whether in your own home […]

Goodbye ADSL, Hello Fibre

So there’s a new kid on the block and their name is fibre. Just like most ‘new kids’, we all want to know who they are and what makes them special. The best way to know them is to compare them to the golden oldie – ADSL. We all know that ADSL uses telephone lines […]