Fibre Optics Installation Process

The installation will involve running the fibre cable from the fibre box on your boundary wall into your home. The installer will need to drill a small hole through your boundary wall where the fibre box is situated and feed the fibre cable through your home to a device in your house called the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). The CPE device is a small in-home switch that allows you to connect the fibre cable to all your devices in the house.


Where do I order?

You can order online or you can call AdNotes Tech on 031 826 5593.


If you are renting, it will be advisable to get your landlords consent as the process will require drilling.


Do I need to present during the installation process?

If you’re unable to be present for your installation you can either re-schedule, or ask someone you trust who is over 18 years old to give access to your property. Remember that they’ll potentially need to make decisions about the installation for the technician and they will need to be present during the whole installation process.



It take 2-4 hours depending on the complexity.


You are now connected and free to stream as you please 😊